IDE Agree-Builders Supply Inc. supply a range of packed aggregates from sand and gravel for use by the building trade and garden landscapers. Pixel8 Web Solutions and Consultancy Inc. is currently developing a Transaction Management System for the company [IDE Agree-Builders Supply Inc.]. Part of the list of tasks given to us. For checkSession function…

Information System

We are now in Information System Development. We’re just starting a little part of the IDE Crashing Plant TMS by Pixel8 Web Solutions and Consultancy Inc. This week (August 22-25), our whole belief system was changed. So, here’s a little heads up. Thanks to Mr. Wikipedia RequireJS RequireJS is a JavaScript file and module loader….

Su’Pay: Bicol Wedding Expo 2017 – A Personal Blog Post

The Su’pay Bicol Wedding Expo features an “Overflowing Talents of Bicolanos” (July 10-15, 2017 at Ayala Malls Legazpi City, Albay). The event was organized by Marc & Joseph’s Events. Pixel8 Websolutions & Consultancy Inc. is one of the Major Sponsor & Official Website Developer of The SUPAY Bicol Wedding Expo by Marc & Joseph’s Events….


Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how smart you were in college. If you don’t have any idea how things work and how to apply your skills in the outside world, nothing is going to happen to you. All that time that you have spent studying and the money you’ve spent in do so will be wasted…..

Bicol Directories

The beginning of our SEO session. Hello to this site. Bicol Directories | Business Directory & Listing in Bicol Bicol Directories is the leading Directory Listing in the whole Bicol Region, providing businesses a fair chance & opportunity to market. It aims to serve as an avenue where companies and brands can showcase their firm…

Hello You.

So this is it. After days of worrying about not having a blog right after our On-the-Job Training started, I’m glad that I’m writing this section rn.

Hello to the weekly documentation of my On-the-Job Training at Pixel8 Web Solutions & Consultancy Inc.

-Reena Luisa G. Domino, BSIT